Jenkintown Building Services, facade maintenance and specialty glass pros, is one of the largest firms of its kind in the country established over 80 years and providing service with the highest quality & integrity in a variety of services.

  • Glass Care Services

  • GLASS REPAIR We provide the strongest team of competency and equipment to 'repair scratched or weld burned glass.' Noted for the highest quality and capability in this work, we set the bar for professionalism, compliance with glass standards for repair, and safety.
  • GLASS RESTORATION We repair buildings that have been neglected, suffering from severe calcium/aluminum oxide/etched or stained glass, restoring glass to perfect clarity.
  • POST CONSTRUCTION/ INITIAL CLEANING We perform the largest projects nationwide, removing all construction debris from windows and frames so as to produce perfect appearance at building opening.
  • WINDOW FILMS Remove and/or reinstall a full line of tinted window films, graffiti protection, or anti-blast films.
  • TRI-PANE WINDOW We have brought to patent an interior IGU window system, which retrofits on to the interior of a single pane window, providing superior thermal quality at significantly less cost than a rip out and install.
  • For more information on these services or for a free estimate, contact us.